Published on March 10th, 2023

ExtremeLauncher is an update that addresses several bugs and missing features, although it is considered noncritical. Despite this, we still recommend updating to benefit from improved functionality and compatibility.

One notable improvement is the enhanced recognition of installed Java versions. Previous versions had limitations in detecting all installed Java versions, but ExtremeLauncher now attempts to automatically detect the latest version of Java for optimal compatibility.

Users still have the option to manually set and override the autodetected Java version by specifying the exact path.

To improve Java detection, ExtremeLauncher now iterates through all available registry keys with JAVA_HOME, providing a more comprehensive and reliable approach.

Launching Minecraft has been made more convenient. Users can now press the enter key after entering their username to initiate the launch process.

Additional help pages and feedback messages have been included to assist users with installation and other related tasks.