How to start?

  1. Download and install Java (Java 17 Zulu OpenJDK is recommended)
  2. Download ExtremeLauncher
  3. Ensure you have an internet connection (ExtremeLauncher doesn't ship with any of the files required for Minecraft, you need an internet connection in order for the launcher to be able to download the required files from Minecraft servers)
  4. Start ExtremeLauncher, pick your username, or enter your credentials if you have an account and you're good to go!

Please note that migrated accounts are not supported just yet.

Launcher is not starting?

By default, Minecraft is installed in %appdata%/.minecraft/ directory, if you're having issues with Minecraft or ExtremeLauncher you might want to try deleting (or backing up) files in that directory. Remember that world saves and other Minecraft data could be there, be careful when manually removing files.

Invalid session or Disconnected error?

If you're getting an "Invalid session" or "Disconnected" error you're trying to log in to an online-mode Minecraft server which requires paid Minecraft account, while you're using an offline-mode account, there's no way around that.

If you're trying to log in to an offline-mode server and you see this error, then you could try changing your Minecraft username.

Do I need an account to use ExtremeLaucher?

No, no registration or account is required to use Extreme Launcher.

Will I be able to set and view skins?

Skins are tied to Minecraft accounts, offline mode accounts will have default skins. On some servers, skins can be changed using in-game commands.

Are mods supported?

Yes, mods like OptiFine, Forge, etc. are fully supported.