Published on April 9th, 2020

Forge Support: We have added support for Forge, making it easier for users to install and manage Forge mods. With this new feature, you can enjoy a wider range of mods and customize your Minecraft gameplay to your liking.

Improved Java Detection: To ensure compatibility and smooth operation, we have made improvements to our Java detection system. This ensures that ExtremeLauncher correctly identifies and works with the Java version installed on your system, providing a more reliable and seamless experience.

Enhanced 64-bit Java Support: ExtremeLauncher now offers full support for 64-bit Java environments. This enhancement brings improved performance and stability, allowing you to maximize the potential of your system while playing Minecraft.

Code Cleanup and Performance Improvements: We have conducted a thorough code cleanup and implemented various performance improvements. These optimizations result in a more optimized experience, with smoother operation and faster loading times.