Published on February 25th, 2020

Updated Enchanted Packs: Our enchanted packs have been updated to include integrated Optifine, a handy minimap, and other enhancements. These additions enhance your gameplay visuals and provide a range of new features to explore.

Improved File Downloader: We have improved our file downloader functionality to ensure faster and more reliable downloads. This enhancement reduces waiting times and enhances the overall downloading experience.

Offline Mode Support: ExtremeLauncher now supports offline mode, allowing you to play Minecraft without an internet connection. Enjoy uninterrupted gaming even when you're offline and explore the world of Minecraft at your own pace.

Sound Issue Fixes: We have addressed reported sound issues and resolved them in this update. You can now enjoy immersive audio while playing Minecraft through ExtremeLauncher without any disruptions.

Shortcut Issue Resolution: We have fixed an issue with shortcuts not working properly for installations with specific paths. This fix ensures that all shortcuts function correctly, providing convenient access to your Minecraft installations.

Optimized Launcher Loading Speed: We have optimized the launcher loading speed for a smoother and more efficient user experience. Launching ExtremeLauncher is now faster, allowing you to get into the game quicker.